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Shepard Prepares For BDE Kart Season

Manassas, VA- Chris Shepard, who is coming off a championship in the Champ 410 division last year, is looking forward to the 2002 BDE Racing season. Chris will remain in the 410 division this season because the 410 and 435 divisions will merge. Chris Shepard will remain in his #19 P & B Automotive Titan kart unless Foster's Grille decides to become a primary sponsor.

Robert Fortier, an SFS Motorsports driver, has officially become a part of the #19 pit crew, as well as his father Larry Fortier. Carl Shepard will remain crew chief.

With SFS Motorsports looking forward to the coming season, many are wondering about the 2003 season. Three drivers will be most likely available next year.

David Soetekouw, who put up outstanding numbers in the 2001 SFS season in Nags Head, NC, is one of those candidates. David won 10 of 16 races last year, winning his first SFS championship. He recently opted not participate next year. Insufficient funds will probably limit David's availability next year but he plans to race in 2004 or 2005.

Robert Fortier will probably not be available next year either. Insufficient funds might also be a factor.

Carl Shepard will most likely be the driver in 2003.

Chis Shepard responded to this situation late last year. "I think he(Carl) is going to be the driver for the second team in 2003. David (Soetekouw)was a serious consideration, but he opted out of it. Robert (Fortier)has been considered, but I believe my dad is going to be the driver. I expect to see Robert in a kart in the years to come, possibly David as well."

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